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Andrew Heringer is a musician, singer-songwriter, composer, music-producer, music-mixer, theater collaborator and performer based in the Hollywood hills. 

You can check out his music on spotify.



Sushil Adhikari lost his sight when he turned 11. Born into social stigma, he and his also visually impaired brother decided not to accept it sitting down. When they were old enough to make their own wages, they started a small volunteer organization called Bright Star Society, which promotes inclusive volunteerism. 

I used this video to raise funds for their organization in December of 2018. Learn more about Sushil's work at .




A multimedia piece carried by personal narrative, "indirection" is the outcome of a 2-day storytelling workshop facilitated by StoryCenter ( True to the workshop format, the cut is rough and raw, and the audio was recorded in a single take.

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