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| the future is female |

September 19, 2018

Women in Nepal have traditionally had much of their lives decided on their behalf: who they marry, where they live, whether or not they go to school or work. This is changing - but slowly. Many organizations, such as the fair trade jewelry company Aid Through Trade have contributed by offering ways for women to earn income from home. And local leaders are paving a brighter way forward.

Bus le Janne - Going by bus

July 01, 2017

"Bus le janne" means "to go by bus." This project documents the conditions and experience of travelling by bus in rural Nepal. 

2016 was  a year of personal transition, spent literally in transit. I was in near constant motion - staying no longer than 21  days in any location - visiting friends, exploring new places,  and doing short term projects. While I enjoyed the freedom of motion I also struggled with the loss of personal space. To deal with this I adopted a new mantra: Home is where my bed is. 

This is an ongoing project documenting the spaces where I have lain to rest.


July 03, 2017

We spend our lives hurrying to get places, hurrying to get things done, hurrying for the next thing.

We spend our lives waiting to get places, waiting to get things done, waiting for the next thing.

A day in the life of Leah Delmer, a small town custom jeweler and mountain mama.


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