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A "social enterprise" is any business or organization working to solve a social or environmental problem through a market-driven approach. Quite often, these will be for-profit organizations that have social impact central to their mission - be it through the products or services they provide, the people they employ, or contributing a portion of their profits toward a nonprofit working to solve unmet needs.

One of the founding members of the Fair Trade Federation, Aid Through Trade empowers Nepali woman by providing a dignified source of income through jewelry production. The majority of employees work flexible hours from home. This project sought to put a face to the product. 

For Kate Fisher, Nepal was love at first sight. So when she set out to start her clothing business Nepal was the natural choice for production. Fabric is cut and assembled in a bright, music-filled factory space, and the embroidered patterns are hand-stitched by Nepali Artisans.

Paila offers Nepal's first eco-friendly shoes - made from locally sourced woven thistle, bright traditional fabrics, and recycled plastic soles. Nepali designed and Nepali produced. 

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