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After being pushed to my emotional limit in 2015, I chose to spend 2016 on a journey of renewal and personal growth. I consider it my year spent as a true nomad – living in near constant motion, roaming between one opportunity to the next, both professional and personal. I lost exact count but in the course of one year I slept in over 60 beds, across 6 US states and 7 countries. Throughout all a major priority was to spend more time developing my arts - I took photography courses, photography commissions, digital storytelling workshops, wrote articles and built myself this website.

"Indirection" is my second experiment in digital storytelling. This piece was produced over a 2 day Stories Seen workshop at Story Center, in which we began the creative process by sequencing images, only writing the narrative afterward. (This effectively inverses the standard digital story workflow, which begins with a written narrative and then finds imagery to support it).

"Indirection" provides a partial explanation of my lifestyle in 2016.

You may view the video by following the link below. Note: this is the rough cut produced over the 2-day workshop:

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